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Minibrix information

By far the most comprehensive collection of information on Minibrix is the website created by Fred Smallbone and Malcolm Hanson at

Another site with a fair amount of detail on the history of Minibrix is that of the Australian Powerhouse Museum at irn=108980&search=minibrix&images=&c=&s=

Minibrix products

Online trading in Minibrix products is very sparse. Mostly it takes place through the various national instances of eBay.

One auction house which seems to trade in Minibrix more regularly than most is Vectis Auctions Ltd.. They are specialists in collectable toys, and their web site is at

LDraw and related tools

The home of “” is at

From there you can find links to just about everything related to virtual Lego modelling. Sites most relevant to virtual Minibrix modelling are – MLCad – LDView – LGEO – POV-Ray – L3P – L3PAO

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