This is a collection of some of my virtual models. Select from the following list to go to a thunbnailed contents page of the corresponding category. From there, clicking on the thumbnails will take you to the full-sized images.


Small models – built with Junior Set to Set 4


Large models – built with set 5, 6 or 7


Tudor models – built with Tudor Set 1 to Tudor Set 3


Super models – models using (far) more than Set 7 plus Tudor Set 3

To show that virtual Lego can do impressive things too, here are some of my scale recreations, mainly of well-known historic buildings.


Lego models – historic and other interesting buildings rendered in virtual Lego

Finally, for a bit of fun, here is a collection of Bayko models (remember Bayko?) recreated, as closely as possible, using only standard Lego parts.


Bayko models – Bayko models recreated using Lego

Notes on the models

Some of the smaller models have been “improved” over the designs in the manuals. In particular, the real Minibrix sets were notorious for not having enough windows and doors to fill all the holes. Such a limitation, of course, does not apply to virtual Minibrix.

Although the manufacturers claimed that the designs in the manuals were drawn up by a qualified architect, some of them have roofs that are impossible to lay exactly as shown. A few of the virtual models therefore have roofs with small sections cut away to fit round protruding walls, for example the Manor House from Set 5.

Things became much worse with the last manuals produced, from the late 1960s. Some of the designs are just plain wrong, with walls in the wrong place to fit the roofs, and bits of wall hanging in space. The Ranch House from the De Luxe Set is a good (bad?) example. The central section of the building is a half brick wider than the roof that supposedly sits on top of it, and one of the internal gables is suspended in mid air!

LDraw purists should note that the virtual Lego models include a few parts that are not in the real Lego range. However, they can all be made very simply using standard parts, a tin of black enamel paint and a fine paintbrush. They are:


left view


right view

1 x 1 brick, vertically half black and half white


1 x 1 tile, vertically half black and half white


1 x 1 brick, diagonally half black and half white

and windows with grills (Minibrix style!) such as:

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